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You should try the bubble football; a brand new sports and a popular soccer you can enjoy with your family over the weekends, on holidays, on their birthdays parties or your friend’s wedding events, clubs corporate events, bachelorette parties, and much more. It’s a game of no rule, with more fun than soccer; just wear the bubble football suits, crash on each other and shoot to the goal to win. But the thing is, as a team game you have to score more goals than the opposing team. This means you will collide with one another which bring about hilarious results. The inflated bubble balls make you spin, bounce if you want to, not to mention laugh all the way, and the balls protect you on every angle, but professional services do play its part on the same. You might be wondering Any Age Limit? Yes, recommended age is five years no maximum as long as you are in good health. No minimum weight but the maximum is around 220lbs. Anything to consider? Yes, the size and the material especially, there are different sizes you can choose from, dimensions ranging from 1.2 m to 1.7m and the one you pick will depend on the players weight and size. Materials are usually thick PVC or polyester TPU. Remember that you will be playing outdoors on Astro Turf, or grass, if not in the sports hall, so do ensure that the ground you are playing on is level, or free from rock and debris, what’s more? Don’t play in bad weather and remember the game is exhausting, so be prepared to sweat. When hiring a professional bubble football operator, choose a package that will best suit you, because the cost will be based on the number of participants; the longer the event, the cheaper it gets. A firm that provides the highest quality equipment rentals will also come in handy.Bubble football was bored to give people laughter and cheers
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