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Beyond Invention- Amazing Flying Machines- AIRBOARD
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Extreme Board Games - Knockdown Chess
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Nintendo Wii Fit & Wii Balance Board - E3 2007
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a brilliant innovation of new Chinese trains at high speeds: picking up and discharging passengers without stopping the train at stations. No time wasted: the train travels at high speed all the time. If there are 30 stations between Beijing and Guangzhou, the simple act of stopping and accelerating again at each station would waste both energy and time. One stop only 5 minutes per station (passengers aged can not be pushed around) would result in an increase in travel time by train 2:30 (5 minutes x 30 stations). How it works 1. For those who boarded the train at a station the passengers boarded a cab connectrice even before the train arrived at the station. When the train arrives, it does not stop. He slowed down just to pick up the car connectrice that moves with the train on the train roof. As the train departs the station, passengers will board the train from the cab connectrice mounted on the roof of the train. After complete unloading of all passengers, the cabin connectrice be moved to the rear of the train. 2. For those disembarking from the train while the train is in motion, passengers wishing to disembark at the next station boarded connectrice cabin at the rear of the train roof. When the train reaches the next station, just drop the cabin connectrice and leave behind at the station. Passengers can then take their leave time to disembark at the station because the train has already left. At the same time, the train will look on the front of the roof of the train passengers who boarded in another cabin connectrice. So, at each station, the train still file a cabin connectrice rear of the roof and takes a new cabin connectrice on the front of the roof.
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walkeez Anti skid Device for Inline Skates are meant to improve the skater's security and also allow them access in places generally forbidden to inline skaters. An Innovative Solution to practice your favourite sport! With walkeez, the skaters can go up and down stairs, climb steep slopes, and walk in shops and stores and board city transportation. The walkeez are fitted on the skates in just about 30 seconds and removed in as little time. walkeez are a compact size, easy to carry around and to store. They are firmly fitted on the skates with the tools provided. walkeez can be adapted to most of the standard inline skates currently sold.
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